Programme Overview

28 September 2018
9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
S221, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wanchai,
Hong Kong
“The ABC to Building a Smart Belt and Road: Law and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cloud”
6.5 CPD points
will be accredited
Opening Remarks
Keynote Address
Introduction of The Law Society of Hong Kong’s Belt and Road Committee and Future Plan on the Belt and Road Initiative
Introduction of eBRAM Centre to Facilitate the Cost-effective, Deal-making and Online Dispute Resolution with a Focus on the Belt and Road Jurisdictions
Coffee Break
Conference Session I

Introduction to legal, ethical and practical issues concerning A.I., Blockchain and Cloud

A.I. Stream – Ethical Issues on A.I.

We are on the verge of the naissance of superintelligence. What will happen if we manage to build computers that “do not need us”? Beyond extinction of the human race, the rapid development of robotics has also rung alarming bells on other ethical issues.  To what extend shall we allow most of our traditional jobs lost to robots and A.I.? Shall we keep A.I. from being used maliciously as soldiers or autonomous weapons? Do robots have rights?  Fundamentally, how do we stay in control of a complex intelligent system? We hope that through this session, we may come up with a draft A.I. code of conduct drawing healthy boundaries for A.I. development.

Blockchain Stream - The Future of Cross-Border Transactions with Fintech and Smart Contracts

What is blockchain, distributed ledger technology (“DLT”), smart contract and fintech in layman/lawyer’s language? How digital innovation on processing electronic payments facilitates multi-jurisdictional transactions brought by the Belt and Road Initiative? What are the legal/ practical challenges in conducting these businesses?

Cloud Stream - Rise of Cloud and Machine Learning of Law and Regulations

What is cloud and what are the benefits and risks for lawyers and clients using cloud? How do you use cloud with machine learning of law and regulations? What are the challenges against quicker cloud adoption? Ethical and practical challenges of big data, and machine learning of law and regulations?

Conference Session II

Get more insights from the regulators and thought leaders and start re-examining the evolution of legal practice as the society and technology evolves.

A.I. Stream - Chatbot, Esq.: Automation and the Legal Profession

A.I. is augmenting and automating some of the tasks that are currently performed by hundreds of thousands people in and outside of the legal industry.

Can a legal practitioner be replaced by A.I.-powered document discovery tools and chatbot? What happens when machines communicate with other machines without letting humans in on their conversation?

Blockchain Stream - Dialogue with Regulators on DLT, DAO and ICOs

Regulators have been warning investors about the potential risks of DLT, decentralised autonomous organisation (“DAO”) and initial coins offerings (“ICOs”). The People's Bank of China even denounced ICOs as "illegal fundraising" in September 2017. Regulators and thought leaders in the respective fields will share their insights on the matter.

This is a session that you don’t want to miss out if you are interested in cryptocurrencies and ICOs!

Cloud Stream - Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing

Cloud technology is becoming the new strategic initiative for the legal industry to enhance collaboration, reduce operating costs, increase security, etc. while meeting the industry’s strict data privacy requirements. However, is it 100% “bullet-proof”?

Through the panel discussion, data residency, data privacy, restrictions on transferring data outside of its own jurisdiction and other legal issues will be examined. Speakers will also discuss what are the remedies to improve these issues.

Coffee Break
Conference Session III

Lessons from live deployment of convergence of law and technology

A.I. Stream - Driverless Car, Social Media and Online Sales

Autonomous vehicles deployment, social media data mining, targeted advertising, convenient online sales, etc. are only a few examples on how A.I. affects our business model and daily lives.

Speakers in this session will discuss practical applications and issues that would be faced by A.I. enabled businesses.

Blockchain Stream - Proptech and Transforming Asset Management and Funds Industry

Asia Pacific is reaping the benefits of the burgeoning industry, receiving 60 percent (US$4.8 billion) of the US$7.8 billion raised by global proptech start-ups since 2013 to 2017. What are the legal, tax and data privacy hurdles for quicker proptech development? How technology drives the transformation of asset management and funds industry?

Cloud Stream - Successful Stories of Investing in Technologies and Making Breakthroughs with ICOs and New Technologies

Speakers from this session will share stories on how investors and a new generation of business owners / mangers achieve success through investing in ICOs, cloud and other technologies. What are the factors that impact on the decision to invest in technology and tech startups? What are the investors’ sentiments on tech and tech-enabled companies?

Closing Ceremony
End of Conference
  1. The conference will be conducted in English. Simultaneous interpretation in English/Mandarin will be provided.
  2. All social events will be arranged by The Law Society of Hong Kong.